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Broadcast Tower Technologies is committed to Integrating and Implementing
Communication technologies involving CBRNE environmental challenges.

The future of communications is integrating linear technologies utilized in Unmanned Vehicles in the environmental trinity: Air, Ground, Water. Tower technologies is committed to bridging all forms of communications.
Communications are critical to the success of any mission taking place in all potential environments. Tactical environments have to consider cyber warfare and non traditional atmospheric environments. Protecting the communication equipment from interference, sabotage and destructive contamination has to be a particular consideration.
Legacy communication equipment being integrated into current technologies is a major concern and cost saving measure for most Corporate entities and Government Agencies.
Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) training has multiple phases required to achieve the full composite science of CBRNE threats. The current global terrorist threats include non-traditional means of developing and producing CBRNE materials. Our goal is to train individuals so that they understand terminology and threat assessments with a well-rounded background in the science , and practice the sampling/analysis of these materials involving CBRNE threats. Training must be as "Real-World" as possible. Realistic scenarios add value to organizations responding to global events.
The content of our training programs is tailored to fit both  the needs and the mission of the organizations requiring it. Terminology familiarization, sample collection and processing and rogue lab identification/exploitation are focal points of our CBRNE training modules; however, we recognize that time constraints are in many cases the biggest obstacle to a successful training event. We meet and discuss ways to employ the best training plan with each of our clients to ensure that the students are prepared for possible deployment to various scenarios. Our Scenarios can be conducted virtually anywhere. All training programs are scalable and we maintain flexibility throughout the process.  Our consultants are all veterans of the military or civilian agencies that have actual experience with live events either domestically of in foreign events.
Training must meet the needs of the client and the students, we employ an After Action Review (AAR) that includes a combination of student, client, and contractor feedback, discussion of future modifications and elements that would improve the overall training program.
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